Life and …

bowl with a riceWell, my friends out there…

Today I lost a man I was always looking up to.
I am very sad that he had to go,
but thankfully without any suffer.

All my best wishes for the journey you’ve just started!

I’ll rave for you, Gran’pa!

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Friends: Daniel Merciel

Hi Folks!

I have got some good news for you: my mate Daniel Merciel just has launched an artist page on Facebook resourceLinkArrow and a dj set collection on Mixcloud resourceLinkArrow .

I hope you enjoy listening to his music and support him!


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Canceled: 07. & 21.12.

We are very sad about the following situation, but I have to inform you about this.

Our two upcoming events „Hard Activation“, 07.12.2013 and
„Electro Lust“, 21.12.2013 @ Matrix-Club, Heide are canceled!

We had too many basic problems with the location’s owner.

We apologize for this, but here is the good news:
The planning process for the next event is running already!

So stay tuned!

Video: Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I am a bit too late…
But last weekend we had our very special Halloween Party @ ROOM NMS.

I was very glad that my dad visited me.

I have uploaded a new small lightshow demo here: Halloween 2013
Watch ’n have fun!

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