Music: 1old + 1new = 4h of music!

I have recently uploaded a set from June an the one from yesterday. So, 4 hours of best electronic music are waiting.

Furthermore there is a new section called „Studio“ online. Some of you always wanted to know the place my sets and shows are performed. Now you can take a look.

Have a nice weekend and cya!

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Music: 3h show + Rand00mized

T4E.LIVEWell, since my broadcast this day had a bonus hour, the upload and timestamping took a little longer than usual.

And while searching the file for Irando0m Vol. 013 I recognized that I missed the upload of Irando0m Vol. 012.

So, here are alltogether 5 hours best electronic music for ya! Listen and enjoy. 😉

3h Show 31st July           and            Irando0m Vol. 012 / 013

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